10 of the most expensive electric cars in the world

Electric cars can slash our fuel bills to pennies and cut the cost of car ownership. For most of us that’s a good thing, but some people don’t mind paying a premium for something a little flashier.

Some people want to advertise the fact they have money to burn. It’s the very basis of a capitalist society. Think about it: without that innate desire to rub our success in our neighbor’s face, designer labels just wouldn’t be a thing.

It’s just the way of the world. So when the electric car hit the streets we already knew there would be someone there to make it faster, plusher, grander, and more gold-plated.

So what are the most expensive electric cars in the world?

These cares aren’t all currently in production. Some of them haven’t made it to the streets yet, while others have quietly disappeared. In fact, it’s stunning how many of the world’s most expensive electric cars you actually can’t buy…

This, though, is an amazing insight into the ridiculous world of crazy electric cars with equally crazy price tags.

 Rimac Concept One

Most expensive electric cars - Rimac Concept One, the world's fastest electric car

Price: $980,000

Of all the expensive electric cars out there, Rimac is our favorite because the high price tag comes with equally high performance. It might cost nearly $1 million, but the Rimac One is a technical masterpiece that recently blew the LaFerrari off the dragstrip.

This isn’t about window dressing or overpriced ornaments. Pretty much every cent comes with an ROI you can understand. It might actually be the best hypercar on the planet.

It comes with the electrical equivalent of 1088bhp and a separate motor for each wheel. That means the Rimac One comes with something more than four-wheel-drive. It’s actually four-wheel torque vectoring that you can tweak with the onboard computers to make the car oversteer, understeer or four-wheel drift.

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