10 Overlooked and Almost Forgotten Classic Cars

One might say that every time someone publishes a list like this – more and more classic cars step out from the obscurity and into the light where we can finally appreciate them the way they were meant to be appreciated. That has pros and cons of its own. On the plus side, people finally grasp their importance. On the other hand, their prices might soar in correspondence with their newly acquired prominence. But I wouldn’t go that far. Obscure cars usually remain obscure until at least a few factors decide to change that. So, don’t despair if you actually wanted to buy one of these. I’m confident their prices will remain intact regardless of this list.

And we’re bringing you no less than 10 unappreciated, underrated and almost forgotten classic cars. They’re more than that, though. These ten are basically hidden gems which never received acclaim they probably deserved for various reasons. Even muscle cars had their own undervalued and unappreciated members, so why wouldn’t family cars, supercars and sports cars have their own? Which of almost forgotten classic cars do you think we’ve completely forgotten to include?

Sunbeam Tiger

Things might have worked out differently for the British Rootes Group’s roadster had Carroll Shelby managed to reserve the rights for it. Although Shelby stuffed the Tiger with his V8s (260ci in Tiger Mark I and 289ci in Tiger Mark II), it was Jensen Motors who got the contract to produce the car. Performance-oriented roadster was eventually produced between 1964 and 1967 in 7,083 units, 6,450 of which were Mark I models. Most of surviving Sunbeam Tigers are modified to some extent which makes original models quite expensive for today’s standards. Well, maybe it’s not as unappreciated as some, but it’s largely forgotten anyway.


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