10 Overlooked and Almost Forgotten Classic Cars

Mercury Cougar

Considering it’s been around for almost 35 years, Mercury Cougar is one largely unappreciated and forgotten classic car. Although discontinued in 2002, Cougar’s best years were already far behind it by that time. First two generations when it was still related to Mustang were its golden years. You could have had it with everything from 289ci Windsor V8 to 429ci Cobra Jet V8 at the time. And let us not forget the blacked out Eliminator performance package. All in all, Cougar was one of the most interesting classic cars of its era.


Porsche 914/6

In a sea of successful and prominent Porsches throughout history there’s bound to be at least one that’s underrated. Well, our choice falls on 914/6 which is almost forgotten now in the era of 911s, 918s, Boxters, Caymans, and even Cayennes and Panameras. Targa coupe sports car was powered by 2.0L flat-six making only slightly north of 100 horsepower. It might be anemic for Porsche’s current standards, but those were late sixties to mid seventies after all. Europeans then lagged a little bit behind American muscle standards.


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