10 Underrated and Still Affordable Classic Cars

1970-1976 Porsche 914

No matter which year you’re going for, most Porsche 914’s are usually available for around $10,000 on average. Cheaper and more contemporary Porsche than that can be acquired, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper classic Porsche than the 914. Although Porsche 914 was built to be affordable (distant predecessor of Boxters and Caymans), it still baffles me they’re available that cheap. Especially since they’re rather scarce these days.

Porsche 914 was a result of Porsche/Volkswagen collaboration which had a goal of producing lightweight, affordable and nimble mid-engined sports car. 2,000-pounder even came with independent suspension, targa roof, fuel injection and two trunks. Quite a feat for early seventies. Especially since basic package cost around $3,500 which is around $22,000 in 2017 dollars. Imagine a brand new Porsche sports car with that kind of sticker today!

Thing is, however, Porsche 914 was anything but successful back then. Maybe that’s the reason Germans waited so long before finally introducing affordable versions of 911 (e.g. Boxter and Cayman). The reason for it being less than successful, however, was mediocre performance which was courtesy of VW 1.7L 4-cylinder engine with only 80 horsepower. 13 seconds 0 to 60 time isn’t exactly sports car range, is it? Even 1.8L and 2.0L Volkswagen 4-cylinder versions didn’t have much success, and Porsche really messed things up by introducing 2.0L flat-six in 914/6 models. Performance issues were remedied all right, but price tag came dangerously close to that of much more superior Porsche 911. At least they’re still cheap today, but for how long?

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