10 Underrated and Still Affordable Classic Cars

1986-1992 Toyota Supra Mk III

A70 (Mk III) Toyota Supra was the first independent model carrying now-iconic Supra’s name. Ties with Celica were finally cut, and while Celica switched to front-wheel drive, Supra maintained its rear-wheel drive layout. Most popular Supras among car enthusiasts are Mk IV models, and rightly so. Their curvaceous bodies, superior driving dynamics and famous 2JZ inline-six engines are unparalleled. Of course, their price reflects their capabilities and average A80 Supra is anything but affordable these days. Mk III models, on the other hand, go for $6,000 to $7,000. Even mint condition units are selling for between $15,000 and $20,000 on average.

Moreover, Mk III Supra had its own inline-six engine. Japanese versions were limited to 2.0L and 2.5L displacement, while European and American models came with 3.0L units straight from the get-go. At first naturally aspirated for 1986, 3.0L 7M-GE with 200 horsepower was soon transformed into 7M-GTE turbocharged version with 230 ponies in 1987. Still, Japanese 2.5L 1GZ-GTE engine available between 1990 and 1992 delivered 276 horsepower and would have been a prized possession had it been imported in the US. Instead, US import numbers dwindled with each passing year. First Toyota imported around 30,000 Supras, then the number dwindled to 15,000 units in 1989, then to 6,000 in 1990, and finally to little over 1,000 models for the last year. Although rarer than older models, newer Mk III Supras feature the same, if not even slightly lower price.

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