12 Performance Edition Sports Cars Equally Great on Track and on the Road

Performance focused vehicles should be ready for the straight line or hitting the track under any driving conditions. They even manage to make the whole experience look somewhat simple, despite it being practically the opposite. With the focus of these cars surrounding the power and track performance, it is essential to ensure that the car is as light as possible. It comes as no surprise that these cars are absolutely not about the ultimate luxurious driving experience, however with recent model upgrades and adaptions, there has been some improvements in driver comfort.

With huge advances amongst these track-edition cars occurring over the last ten years or so, we have comprised a list of the ultimate top twelve. These track-edition models are today achieving power and speed that was once considered as unthinkable and impossible. With breathtakingly high revs and horsepower, these modern day machines are nothing short of amazing.

Our list provides a quick insight into the best twelve, describing their capabilities, listing adaptions that have been made, and of course providing you with all the interesting and important statistics. This taster into the world of track-edition cars, delving into the top twelve is bound to serve as a teaser, making you desperate to get behind the wheel and become the next rally world champion as it sure had that effect on us. Well, we can always fantasize!

Audi TT RS

The engine configuration used in the 1980’s with the Audi Sport Quattros racetrack editions was so successful that it became a main feature of the Audi TT RS, and still is. The powerful and high performing turbo 2.5l liter five-cylinder engine delivers 360hp, and when in action it sounds magnificent. Words would not bring justice if used to describe the roaring of this engine, so we will leave it to your imagination. This engine reaches an outstanding 4000rpm which will fill you with adrenaline, get your heart pumping, and make you feel like the world’s best rally driver.

When producing revs of 2500rpm, the experience is divine and you feel on top of the world, so you can now sense the extreme excitement at the 400rpm capabilities. The TT RS was extremely popular from the moment it made its first debut, which leaves us surprised and disappointed that its production was so short-lived – only 24 months. A very limited amount of under a thousand TT RS were built. There are high numbers of people aspiring to own one of these collectible Audis. The low production and vast interest and demand in the TT RS makes this likely to be one of the most collectible Audi performance vehicles to-date.

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