5 Stunning Neo-Classic Cars

Neo-classic cars are certainly an acquired taste – some of them, frankly, look like shit. But these unique vehicles offer the modern consumer the looks from long-extinct designs, with the technology of modern vehicles. When done right, they certainly turn heads, and are finally gaining recognition from classic car clubs. Is a neo-classic up your alley? Here are five great versions that could help you decide.

Panther De Ville

Cruella_de_Vil_Panther (use this one)Panther Westwinds was a specialty British car maker, that put out neo-classic for a decade. If you’re a kid from the 80’s, you’ve seen one without even knowing it. Does the black-and-white version at right look familiar? Maybe you should try imaging Glenn Close behind the wheel.

To be fair, this exact version of the De Ville isn’t the best performance example, although it has the stunning looks. Unlike the titular characters, this version of the De Ville was neutered for the live-action 101 Dalmatians movie. The massive 5.3-liter Jaguar V12 was swapped out for a small-block Chevy, presumably because the producers didn’t want to jack up ticket prices by a dollar just to cover the gas bill.

The De Ville had big fans in stars like Elton John and Oliver Reed, not just for the power, but also for providing modern interiors with drink bars, television sets, and much more. It also managed to make Morris parts look stylish – the doors came from the BMC Landcrab.

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