5 Stunning Neo-Classic Cars

Clenet Roadster

A neo-classic with a French accent, the Clenet was arguably the most famous of the neo-classics – while the De Ville had a movie, the Clenet had appearances on Dynasty and Dallas, was a feature at many auto shows, and earned plenty of guest-spots in interviews with famous owners like Sly Stallone, Ken Norton, and Rod Stewart.

Considering where the bits and pieces of the Clenet came from, it may be surprising just how good it looks. The chassis is pure American steel, from a Mercury Cougar. The passenger cabin? Torn from MG Midgets, and stuffed with as much Italian walnut, Danish tweakwood, and English leather as possible, plus maybe a Waterford crystal ash tray. Basically the United Nations of neo-classic roadsters.

Underneath the hood is Ford’s 351-400 with a 3-speed automatic transmission which, while only making a paltry 159 horsepower, does have the benefit of high torque. You’ll need all of its 315 lb-ft of torque to get the bulky car moving, but hey, you’re not driving it for performance reasons.

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