5 Stunning Neo-Classic Cars

Zimmer Golden Spirit 4-Door Sedan

Still in (very limited) production, Zimmer turns out only 10-20 new units every year, and the cost reflects that – don’t even think about inquiring unless you’ve got $220,000 or more on hand. What is surprising about these cars is what is underneath. Sure, on the outside, you’ve got the gilded-age Gatsby look. The functional tires riding high in front of the doors, the open-front fenders. It’s got a giant gold eagle smack in the front – probably worth more than your entire car. But doesn’t that passenger cabin look a bit…. familiar?

That’s right, it’s built from a Ford Mustang. And when we say “built from,” we mean that the chassis, most of the frame, the engine, transmission, emissions – it’s all Pony. The disadvantage to this is you might think you’re paying for a really expensive Mustang. What it actually means is that you have a work of art on wheels, totally unique through the exterior and cabin, but can be serviced by anyone who can work on a Ford. Underneath the hood is the famed 5.0 V-8. On top of that, it comes with all of the emissions and crash testing the Mustang undergoes, making it totally road-legal, no extra work needed.

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