7 Completely Weird and Superfluous Luxury Features

Luxury is inherently a good or service that someone does not particularly need, or something that you are willing to pay a premium on. But with that in mind, luxury cars are a blend of things you need and some that are just nice to have. Heated, leather, 10-way, massaging seats are nice to have, so is a premium sound system. But there are some features that seem so utterly lavish and superfluous that they have to be just a form of burning money in front of your friends to show off. Here are some of the worst offenders. Bentley stone interior

7 Completely Weird and Superfluous Luxury Features

The newest addition to this esteemed group is the stone interiors offered by Bentley, through its coach-building operation Mulliner. Slate and quartzite are shipped in from various regions in India, cuts 0.1mm thick slices from the slabs, and work them in with a resin to create veneers for the dash and other interior accents. It would be revolutionary– if Mercedes-Benz had not offered almost the same thing as far back as 2005.

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