Obscure Croatian Startup Electric Car Destroys Tesla and Ferrari in a Drag Race

Judging by the headline, the Croatian startup electric car in question won’t remain obscure for too long. In fact, we have already written about the Rimac Concept_One and badass EV moniker doesn’t really do it justice. Why would it, after all? Dubbed as world’s first electric hypercar, Rimac Concept_One packs no less than 1088 horsepower and 1180 feet-pound of torque. That’s enough for the top speed of 220 mph and 0 to 62 acceleration time of 2.6 seconds. That’s enough to totally squash the Tesla and a Ferrari.

And not just any Tesla or Ferrari. In this drag test among the sleepy Croatian cornfields, Rimac Concept_One was pitted against the Tesla Models S P90D with Ludicrous Mode and the Ferrari LaFerrari. Quite the prestigious company for a rookie to be in. One would have thought that the rookie wouldn’t stand the chance, but Croatian startup electric car proved everyone wrong. It simply obliterated both the Tesla and the Ferrari in two consequent drag races. Archie Hamilton was put behind the wheels of the two challengers, but he couldn’t do much against the Concept_one. He even got the chance to try again with the Ferrari after not so great first run start, but came up short in the end.

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