Renault Zoe E-Sport Is What An Electric Car Should Be

Electric Car, Please Be Like The Renault Zoe E-Sport

It is full of everything that will make your mouth water. The Ohlins four-way adjustable dampers keep it in check on the streets. a double wishbone suspension, wider tracks, and large brakes promise this thing will corner like that new Renault Alpine – you know – the Alpine A110. And it will be a looker with all that exterior garment.

Finally, this Renault Zoe battery does not feel much different than the one in the series production car. It has a 40 kWh capacity but does draw some tech from the Formula E. For example, Zoe E Sport battery gets its cool from an air-and-water cooling system with a front-mounted radiator.

Nevertheless, do not expect to see it on the road anytime soon. First of all, Renault Zoe USA does not exist and neither will the Renault Zoe E Sport USA. So, that’s that. However, don’t stop dreaming about something like this. It is bloody awesome.

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