The 15 Weirdest Concept Car Interiors In Automotive History

Interiors of modern cars are designed with the customers in mind. They have to be stylish, but at the same time they have to be intuitive and easy to operate. Not so with concept cars, which will only be shown on one or two auto shows and then put into a museum. Manufacturers often went wild on their interiors, which often ended up in utter chaos – especially in the 80’s, when computers made their first appearance in cars. So, let’s look back, and count down the 15 weirdest concept car interiors of all time. Enjoy!

NOTE: The images are all really big, so it may take a moment until they load. Feel free to zoom in and have a closer look at the madness…

Citroën Hypnos (2008)

The Citroën Hypnos is one of only two cars in this list that were made after 2000. It’s a mid-size luxury crossover, and some design features of it can be found on the Citroën C4 Aircross. The concept comes with what’s probably the most colorful interior of all times: The gauge cluster is bright red, the front seats are orange-yellow-green, and the rear seats are blue-purplish. The shape of the seats is also pretty weird, with triangles forming the seating surface and slats along the base. Also, the headrests are hanging from the ceiling, which is rather unusual. But the seats are not the only weirdly-shaped things in the interior: From the steering wheel over the pedals to the gear stick – there’s nothing in this car that looks “normal”. A well-deserved spot in this list, but brace yourself, there’s worse stuff to come.

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