This Tesla Model EXP Hypercar Will Make You Curious About Future

Xabier Albizu from Spain loves to Photoshop some awesome rides. This time around he worked on something we all crave to see one day – Tesla Model EXP hypercar. Sure, that Tesla Roadster rendering we have seen a few days back is good enough for start, but we all want Elon Musk to envision a hypercar. Not sure if it could be as mad as this thing, but we would not be that surprised if something like this happened in the future.

Tesla Model EXP

“When designing the car, I tried to use different surfaces and layers, playing with air flow, active aerodynamics, and a big diffuser,” Albizu says.

Xavier really puts some thought into this rendering. Not only did he craft a stunning looking design, but playing with the different airfoil solution he devised some way of improving the cooling of the main electric components. This will, presumably, enable Tesla to use some new materials and new solutions to feed all four wheels. After all, real-time torque vectoring with a four electric motor setup will charter the path to some new territories of power.

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