Top 10 Future Tesla Models

For electric cars to achieve a substantial effect on air quality, they would have to cut through several market segments. What we really mean is we’d have to see luxury SUVs as well as electric pickups and even smaller sedans. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, hinted just that when he presented the second part of the company ambitious plans back in 2016. This isn’t an official release of future Tesla Models, it’s things we’d like to see them produce so remember that it’s more for fun than anything else.

Musk reiterated that the market needed urban high passenger density transportation and heavy-duty trucks among others that utilized electricity for their operations. He even mentioned that Tesla was already working on some few examples and that 2017 would see their release into the public. Normally, holding your breath is the last thing you want to do or worse, put a date on it. However, this might just get you thinking about all the possibilities EVs can offer.

To this end, we’ve managed to sort through and come up with 10 vehicles that Tesla could be launching into the market over the next decade, with many of them being already confirmed or suggested in Musk’s blog posts or statements. The remaining are an imagination of what a brilliant EV automaker would create going into the 2020s. The future definitely looks bright.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has been pretty much confirmed and took the auto news by storm for almost a month after its introduction with talks about it still in the air. Though the final product hasn’t still been revealed, hundreds of thousands of people have no problem parting with $1,000 to get their name featured on the list. On this model, Tesla is promising terrific acceleration, over 215 miles when it comes to the range and a $35,000-starting price excluding incentives.

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