Top 7 AWD Sports Cars

Tesla Model S P100D


You know that Tesla had to be here somewhere – Elon and his buddies are turning the automotive world upside down with all the new innovations. The Model S has taken the automotive world by storm, and this particular version of the Model S happens to be a perfect AWD sports car also.

Forget ridiculously short mileage, speeds that would make a golf cart seem fast, or even styling that’s been designed to eek out every last bit of performance; the Model S is definitely the future.

There are a number of features that make the Model S P100D quite so spectacular – the battery is a 100-kWh pack (as an example, the best selling Nissan Leaf uses a 30-kWh battery). All of the weight that comes from the batteries and running gear is centered low down, meaning that handling has been boosted thanks to a low center-of-gravity. And of course, it has all the latest toys and tricks, too.

The P100D is capable of a zero to sixty dash in just 2.5 seconds (quicker even than the benchmark 911 Turbo S), has autonomous driving and enough technology to satisfy … well, anyone, really.

The weakest feature of the P100D is the $134,500 price tag, though it is said that range is around 315 miles per charge. Of course, if you start spanking that acceleration, that range will diminish pretty quickly.

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