What’s Hot And What’s Not in the 2019 Tesla Lineup

Spearheading the automotive revolution is a daunting task for any automaker, let alone for one of the youngest carmakers around. Yet, that’s exactly what Elon Musk and the people from Tesla, Inc. (née Tesla Motors) are doing. They are reshaping the auto industry as we know it by offering an alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. In the 15 years they’ve been around, the electric vehicle company has become the best at its job, which is probably the reason behind their continued survival in the dog-eat-dog world we call the auto industry. No automaker today can offer the available range/charging/speed combo that Tesla does. Still, the EV carmaker isn’t immune to business-conducting related issues. There’s a thin line between the Model 3’s unveiling (when more than 500,000 deposits were placed on it) and behind-schedule deliveries of the car, which are still dragging along and tormenting respective depositors. But, what about the 2019 Tesla lineup?

The Tesla lineup of models is nothing like a conventional automaker’s lineup due to the sheer nature of their business model. At the moment, only three Tesla cars can be spotted on the roads (if you’re lucky enough to spot the Model 3), while the upcoming Tesla Roadster Mk. 2 has very slim chances of appearing prior to MY 2020. Despite their limited portfolio, the situation definitely seems to be improving for Tesla on that part since, prior to 2015 and the arrival of Model X, the only vehicle they offered was the flagship Model S.

Now that the Tesla lineup is beginning to take shape, we’ll try and give you an insight into what to buy, and what to stay away from when it comes to the California-based company. Note that you can’t simply walk into a Tesla dealership, cash in, and take your new car home though. There’s a waiting list for every single one of their models due to a limited nature of their facilities and their aforementioned business model. Moreover, the waiting list for the latest Model 3 is now intimidatingly long. Especially for someone who hasn’t already placed a deposit on one. Given the circumstances, getting a new Tesla Model 3 during MY 2019 is a big ask for anyone filed under that category.

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